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Further proof that Thermal Road Repairs can save you on Carbon emissions

We recently undertook some work in Lane Green Road, Codsall, Staffordshire. In partnership with Asphalt IQ, we placed a tag in the repair to measure the output of this work and how it would compare to conventional methods.

The asphalt repair area was 20m x 2m x 40mm deep, with the distance to the closet Hotmix asphalt plant being 30kms away.

Thermal Road Repairs is a green technology company which supplies systems to improve the quality, cost and time efficiency of road repairs and paving – at a far lower environmental cost than traditional methods. It invests significantly in R&D, to create new technologies and to continuously improve existing ones.

Thermal Road Repairs: Decarbonising the asphalt repair industry.

High output. Low emission. Zero waste. Permanent solution.

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