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thermal road repairs heater unit controls

The complete road heater system

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What is thermal heater technology?

Repairing roads using thermal road repair systems is making a big difference in the world of pothole and asphalt defect repairs.


Developed by the team at Thermal Road Repairs, complete systems allow you to create seamless repairs with low carbon emissions, zero waste, and to a high standard.

Using computer controlled heating technology, our equipment works to reform materials into a smooth, even and level layer, with no damage to surrounding road surfaces, and with minimal disruption.


And because the heated repair site becomes homogenous with its surrounds, it produces a seamless repair meaning no joints for water ingress which can cause failures.


The result is that Thermal Road Repairs solution offers a permanent repair.

Our solution is able to operate using recycled materials, massively reducing costs and waste, and helping your business to go green!

Create seamless repairs

Sustainable repairs using recycled materials

Offers 85%+ less carbon emissions

Allows repairs to be completed in any weather

Zero waste with no cutting or jackhammering required

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Trust us to select the ideal equipment

Not sure what you need? We can supply your organisation with a complete solution, allowing you to improve the service you provide, and reduce your impact on the environment.

We can also supply individual machines, so no matter your needs, make Thermal Road Repairs your first choice for eco-friendly road repair equipment.

We can advise on the right machine for the job

Equipment to suit your available budget

In-house branding service

Service packages available

We can also provide training

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