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road repair technique

Discover our eco-friendly road repair technique

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What is a thermal road repair?

We specialise in thermal road repairs. This unique system – developed in-house - uses heat to reform failed and failing asphalt. By using controlled heat, the asphalt becomes malleable, ideal for filling potholes and asphalt defects.


Thermal Road Repairs has developed a patented ‘pulse heat’ system which can affect layers up to 100mm thick, and uses a unique blend of solar and biofuels to power it. Once the area has been heated up, the patch is ready to be reworked into a smooth section. Additional materials are added to compensate for any missing material from the pothole or asphalt defect.


The outcome is to restore the condition of the asphalt, using recycled materials from the existing road section, to a permanent repair, with a lower carbon footprint than other repair methods.

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What are the benefits?

100% recycled material

Powered by green energy sources such as solar and biofuel

Repairs meet SROH standards

Creates a seamless homogenous repair

leaves in footprint shape eco friendly

Suitable for most weather conditions

Low vibrations and HAVS

Fast repair time minimising exposure on active roads

No cutting required, meaning reduced noise

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