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road repair technique

Discover our eco-friendly road repair technique

At Thermal Road Repairs Ltd, we offer a unique road repair solution. See what sets our system apart from traditional methods, and contact our Crewe-based team today to learn more.

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What is a thermal road repair?

As our name suggests, we specialise in thermal road repairs (TTR). This unique system – developed in-house - uses heat to reform failed and failing asphalt. By using controlled heat, the asphalt becomes malleable, ideal for filling pot holes and damaged sections of road.


Thermal Road Repairs has developed a patented ‘pulse heat’ TTR system which can affect layers up to 125mm thick, and can use a unique blend of solar, renewable electricity and biofuels to power it. Once the area has been heated up, the patch is ready to be reworked into a smooth section of road. Additional materials is added to compensate for the increased density of the heated material.


The desired outcome is to restore the condition of roads and footpaths, using recycled materials from the existing road section, reducing the carbon footprint of any repair.

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What are the benefits?

This process uses mostly recycled materials

Can be powered using green energy sources such as solar or biofuel)

Repairs meet SROH standards

Creates a seamless repair with no raised edges

leaves in footprint shape eco friendly

Suitable for all-weather use

No vibrations or HAVs

Reduced repair time, meaning less time spend on dangerous active roads

No cutting required, meaning reduced noise

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A comprehensive range of services

At Thermal Road Repairs we can provide road repair solutions directly to clients, including highways agencies, airports and private car park operators. Based in Crewe, our experienced teams are ready to repair stretches of roads, footpaths and more throughout the country.

In addition, we can also provide equipment to other road repair companies, with dedicated training and aftersales support available.

Our Contracting Partners and Customers

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