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Local authority road repairs
Keep the roads in your community in perfect condition, thanks to Thermal Road Repairs Ltd, Crewe

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Local Authorities

We have been working closely with a number of councils.

In conjunction with Cornwall Council we started the development of a methane burning heater, which utilised their access to locally generated methane from the farming industry.








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Case study –
Manchester Council

The Greater Manchester City region covers a local road network (LRN) totalling 9,208km - nearly 2,000km larger than England’s entire strategic road network (SRN).

We now have 3 trucks operating in the Manchester area, We are currently investigating the opportunities of double shifting each truck. Operating six teams the plant can be utilised to repair damage in less built up areas during the daytime and shift to busier routes in the evening.

Decarbonising the way asphalt is repaired is being championed by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester.

“As one of the few city-regions in the world with a science-based target to hit net zero by 2038, we need to reduce carbon emissions from every part of our economy. That means reducing waste and our reliance on raw material consumption. Transforming highways repairs with a sustainable low carbon solution will accelerate us towards our goal in two critical ways. The scale of the Live Lab will immediately reduce carbon across our region. That’s a great step in the right direction. More importantly, the evidence that the Live Lab will generate will bring about a culture change. And that is what’s needed if we are serious about tackling climate change.”


Senior Responsible Officer: Kevin Gillham, Head of Network Management Highways Service, Growth and Neighbourhoods Directorate, Manchester City Council Tel: 0161 234 5660 Mob: 07775 791002 Email:

“Having committed to reducing the carbon emissions of our activities, the time has come to act. For the full benefits of any low-carbon innovation to be proven, it must be given the same opportunities as the traditional approach that it may replace. Thermal offers the opportunity to decarbonise our activities right now, whilst providing models for others to adopt.”

Political Champion: Councillor Tracey Rawlins, Executive Member for Environment and Transport Tel: 0161 234 3310 Mob: 07983 706454 Email:

“We need to stop talking and start acting if we are to have any impact on climate change. We need to stop talking and start acting if we are to have any impact on climate change. People are already embracing green travel options, and they need us to provide networks that are fit for purpose. But that shouldn’t come with a high carbon price tag. Thermal could transform how roads are repaired, providing a resilient, sustainable highway network maintained by local people.”

Trust us to handle local authority road repairs

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