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1m by 1m thermal road heater

Meet our 1m x 1m repair heater 

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Compact repair equipment that delivers results

If you need an effective piece of equipment to repair smaller potholes  or asphalt defects in tight spaces - our 1m x 1m repair heater is the ideal product. 

Much like its larger 2m x 1m sibling, this road repair heater utilises infra-red technology to heat up the road material, creating a seamless, high-quality repair using recycled materials. 

This compact designed machine comes equipped with GPS location recording, a 1000mm x 1000mm heater pod, and touch screen controls, allowing selection of heat pulse and cycle times.

All units are made here in the UK by our own manufacturing team.

Weight: 246kg

H: 710mm, L: 1460mm, W: 1020mm

40 litre LPG tank allowing 30 – 40m² output

12v 60Ah rechargeable GEL battery

Solar charging when operational, mains charging when stationery

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Quality above all else

As a company who provides asphalt defect and pothole repair solutions to businesses and councils alike, we wanted to create equipment that was up to the task and of superior quality (like our work).


Units are based around a durable aluminium and mild steel construction, making them tough enough to handle regular use. Our machines can be operated in any weather, so no matter what is thrown at them, our road heaters keep on running. 

In addition to sales, our team can also office maintenance advice, technical support, and service packages.

CE marked

Comes with a 12-month guarantee when you purchase a service plan

Full training provided

We also have an in-house branding team

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