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Smooth running

The smooth day to day running of ports is essential for any city or country.

Damages to the road surfaces can easily occur in these high traffic locations, where the many vehicle movements can quickly break up the asphalt surface, causing major problems.

These surface defects don't only affect the vehicles but can also have larger implications to port machinery, such as the cranes, as well as the workers who can obtain injuries from uneven surfaces. So it is imperative to maintain the asphalt surfaces if the port is to keep running smoothly.

Thermal Road Repairs has extensive experience and knowledge working in the ports sector.

Our work with the Peel Ports Group has been ongoing for sometime now, offering the perfect solution to their needs.

Our heaters are designed so that they can repair asphalt defects and potholes not just around the port but also in between the containers.

Not only do we offer a right first time permanent repair method, but we also offer environmental benefits too, helping companies achieve their carbon emission targets.

Peel Ports and Thermal Road Repair equipment
Peel Ports Before Repair
Peel Ports During Repair
Thermal Road Repairs and Peel Ports Repairs
Peel Ports and Thermal Road Repair perfect repair
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