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Corporate social responsibility

Giving back

Intertwined in our DNA is our belief to not only do better by the environment but also in society and local communities.

This is why, at Thermal Road Repairs, we strongly believe in giving back and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.


From helping out with disabled parking and community centres to sports fields, nature retreats and much more we are happy to offer a vast range of services to better help individuals and communities in need.

We are also proud to partner with All Mac Surfacing (AMC) Group helping offenders in prison gain skills and experience so they are employable upon release.

Our dedicated Social Value Manager, Nicky Conway, is always looking for new ways in which we, as a company and group of individuals, can better help society.

Together, we can help make the world a better place.

Stay tuned to see some examples of the work we have been undertaking...

Some examples of our work

Laudato Si’ Centre

Woodland before
Woodland before
Woodland after
Woodland after

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Member of MACC



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Nicky Conway

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Everyone deserves a second chance

Helping hand picture

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