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thermal road repairs heater unit close up

Discover our 2m x 1m repair heater

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The ideal choice for road repairs

Thermal Road Repairs' infra-red heater is a quick, easy way to permanently repair surface defects such as potholes, joint failures and reinstatements around manhole covers.

Made from aluminium and steel, this particular model comes with a 2000mm x 1000mm heater pod, GPS location recording (for asset management records), a touch control system, and pod isolation functionality.

The heater is able to run using bio fuel and has solar panels on top, to help charge the system in an environmentally friendly way.

Weight: 340kg

H: 660mm, L: 2700mm, WL 1020mm

120 litre LPG tank allowing an output of 60-80m² 

Two 12v 90Ah rechargeable lithium ION batteries

Mains charging when stationary, and  solar charging when in operation

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High-quality manufacture

We want our machines to last, which is why we've invested in manufacturing our equipment here in the UK. All machines are produced in Cheshire, and our team has full view of the production cycle, allowing us to guarantee a quality product.

CE marked

Training included (5 modules)

12-month guarantee when you sign up for a service plan

Dedicated after-sales support team

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