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Proof that Thermal Road Repairs not only saves on asphalt but also carbon emissions.

For years we have been saying our process saves not only on the amount of asphalt used in the repair process but also the amount of carbon emissions. Unlike many other companies, we substantiate our claims via research and data.

Initially we used research based on our work with Electricity North West. Now, in line with our R&D policy, we have upgraded our research to incorporate Asphalt IQ tags into our work. This allows us to provide an auditable Scope 3 carbon emissions report for our clients.

When looking at the different repair process options in market, it’s important to look at the whole picture. Some companies may claim they reduce carbon emissions, but how is this substantiated? Some companies rely on the fact that their process is extremely quick in comparison to other methods. But they don’t mention the fact that they need multiple vehicles for the process and that they also excavate, remove and resupply large amounts of additional asphalt to the defect area.

At Thermal Road Repairs we believe in looking at the whole picture as best as possible, to help companies make an informed decision as to what suits them best.

Recently, we have undertaken work with AMEY on the A46. As a UK first on the Strategic Road Network (SRN), we introduced our Asphalt IQ tags into the work to collect specific data on the repairs undertaken. The tag benchmark calibration is set to compare the Thermal Road Process with the “Traditional” method of repair. If we were to alter this to compare against a planer, mini planer, vehicle with planer attachment or similar process, the CO2 emissions for the “Traditional” outcome would further increase due to the extra vehicles and separate hot box required.

To us, the results are unsurprising. But for our partners, these results are fantastic. As such this data can help companies and individuals make educated, data driven choices that best suit their business needs and those of their clients.

See for yourself…

Thermal Road Repairs is a green technology company which supplies systems to improve the quality, cost and time efficiency of road repairs and paving – at a far lower environmental cost than traditional methods. It invests significantly in R&D, to create new technologies and to continuously improve existing ones.

Thermal Road Repairs: Decarbonising the asphalt repair industry.

High output. Low emission. Zero waste. Permanent solution.

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