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Right first time

Thermal Road Repairs has specially designed a heater to suit the Utility trench reinstatement market.

Walk through any town, and it’s not difficult to spot badly reinstated utility trenches.

Defects can include wide cracks or potholes along the edges of the reinstatement, indentations or even wholesale sinking of the reinstated area.

Often the culprit in these failures is air voids or joints caused by the repair method. If the proportion of air voids is too high, the reinstatement will fail prematurely. Depending on weather and traffic conditions, it could be a few months, or a few years before problems start to show.

Currently, utility companies must return to fix any failure that occur within two years of a reinstatement. 

Thermal Road Repairs has specifically designed a heater to combat this problem and produce a permanent fix. Our 2m x 0.5m perfectly repairs the reinstatement forming a seamless bond between and repair and the surrounding area, whilst removing the air voids that exasperate the failure.

Our solution offers a right-first-time repair.

Utilities 2m x0.5m heater image
Utilities image
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