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What Are The Most Prominent Issues Facing Our Roads Today?

When it comes to the UK’s road and infrastructure network, not everything runs smoothly all the time. From potholes to lack of adequate skid resistance, read on to find out more about the most prominent issues facing our roads today.



Potholes are an extremely common complaint amongst drivers and can be caused for a variety of reasons. Bad weather is one of the most common causes of this issue, with rain seeping into the cracks in the road, then freezing and expanding once colder temperatures arrive. During winter especially, this can wreak havoc on British roads.

Faded line markings

Line markings can be a serious safety hazard when not maintained properly. For example, so-called ‘ghost markings’ on A-roads or motorways can easily confuse motorists driving at high speeds and cause serious accidents. While these markings are not the cause of fading over time, but rather, the remnants of line marking removal, the end result is still a dangerous one and can be found in countless places all over the UK.

Additionally, faded line markings can be observed in big cities such as Nottingham, where a complex lane and roundabout system for getting in and out of the city has become even harder with some line markings having all but disappeared over time. This can cause widespread stress and confusion.

Lack of adequate skid resistance

Skid resistance is an extremely important aspect of road maintenance that helps keep road users safe. Yet it is thought that more than a quarter of the UK’s local roads do not have adequate skid resistance. These problems are likely to increase the chances of accidents, especially in bad weather, poor visibility and approaches to areas such as junctions, traffic lights, crossings and roundabouts.

Disruptions to daily operations

An unfortunate side-effect of carrying out the essential works necessary to repair structural damage that has affected roads and other infrastructure is that most traditional methods are both time-consuming and cause a lot of mess.

Maintenance work leads to disruptions in the day-to-day operations of the network and can be a huge burden on the transportation system, such as when roads need to be re-routed. Inefficient travel and more time spent in traffic not only affects our daily lives but also has a negative impact on the economy. This makes the role of reliable road and motorway repair companies all the more important.

Here at Thermal Road Repairs, our team of motorway repairs and maintenance experts work tirelessly to keep the UK’s motorway network in great condition. From pothole repairs to extensive damage repairs, we are well-equipped to help ensure that our motorways are safe for all UK drivers. For more information on our road repair services, please contact us today.

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