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UK first for Thermal Road Repairs

Thermal Road Repairs were out for Amey’s Maintenance & Response contract for National Highways Area 7 in the East Midlands on Tuesday night, repairing damage caused by a vehicle fire on the A515.



The 18m² defect presented an excellent opportunity to put our new electric roller to work.

According to manufacturer, Dynapac, we are the first SME to purchase this innovative piece of kit.

Currently, Thermal Road Repairs' process is proven to save over 85% in carbon emissions compared to traditional methods. Using our new electric roller further reduces our environmental footprint, paving the way for us to become netzero.

An added benefit of this new electric roller is that it is also far quieter than its diesel equivalent, allowing for night works and works within residential areas with minimal to no impact on the communities.


Thermal Road Repairs: Decarbonising the asphalt repair industry


Source: Asphalt IQ

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