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L-R: Anthony Crolla, James Moorcroft, Rhiannon Dixon, William Crolla, Bobby Faulkner

A team of boxers from England’s North-West has benefited from a unique warm-weather training camp – thanks to support from Thermal Road Repairs working alongside former world champion Anthony Crolla.

Thermal Road Repairs sponsored the trip – in partnership with Project Boxing - which enabled the fighters to travel to Portugal to take advantage of the outstanding facilities, along with the sunshine.

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The party included European champion Rhiannon Dixon (Warrington), James Moorcroft (Wigan), Bobby Faulkner (Failsworth) and William Crolla (New Moston) – younger brother of former world champion and Project Boxing co-founder Anthony Crolla.

Along with intensive training – both outdoors and at the Algarve Fight Academy – the fighters used their down-time to engage with the local community. Children from Vilamoura were treated to coaching and mentoring sessions.

Thermal Road Repairs were delighted to have teamed up with Project Boxing to help make this truly memorable experience come to fruition. Along with inspiring the next generation, the experience is something the young professionals will never forget.

“Things like this don’t happen to people like me,” said James. “The training’s been amazing and something like this gives you a real boost in your career. I could never afford to do this and I’m so grateful to Thermal Road Repairs for helping us all to follow our dreams.”

Anthony Crolla added: “The facilities have been unbelievable and it’s so beneficial for the fighters and for me as a coach. It’s an opportunity that these fighters just don’t normally get and it’s an experience they’ll never forget. We’re so grateful to Aidan Conway and all at Thermal Road Repairs.”

These sports people are key voices in their communities and by teaching them about health, fitness and nutrition, we can cascade key messaging into local, sometimes deprived areas.

This is an extension of the work Thermal Road Repairs has been undertaking with Maverick Stars Trust within Moss Side, Manchester. Focusing on young people at risk of crime, we aim to help offer a career path and mentoring whilst reducing anti-social behaviour. The work also offers individuals something that is also both aspirational as well as educational, teaching them the benefits of health and nutrition.

Project Boxing is a unique business with expertise in sports media, communications, management, and partnerships. Boxing is at the core of everything they do. Contact:


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