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Fixing potholes – Traditional v Thermal Road process

Ever wondered what’s different about our process? Well, wonder no more! In the following blog, we are going to go through the process of how we repair roads, as well as compare this to a more traditional method so you can see how different we are.

Read on to find out more about our tarmac pothole repair techniques.

The Traditional Method

For both of these examples we’re going to set the scene at 9 am. A pothole has been reported, and at this time several vehicles arrive at the site to begin the work. Firstly the area is cut and then broken out using machinery, with workers then removing the waste from these two steps.

Following this waste is removed from the site by a vehicle, and then a delivery of asphalt will arrive. Workers will then lay this asphalt, making sure it is rolled out and compacted. The minimum amount of time this process will take is around 30 minutes, but a traditional method can run into a plethora of problems, such as not having space for multiple vehicles or traffic affecting how quickly waste can be removed from the site.

Overall the negatives of this method involve producing high amounts of waste and CO2, as well as the noise and dust pollution involved. And overall, it is just an inefficient method of tarmac pothole repair.

Our Tarmac Pothole Repair Process

Compared to the traditional method above, we offer a great alternative that produces zero waste, low emissions and is incredibly efficient. If we arrive at a pothole at 9 am, you can expect the road to be open again by 9:10. 

1 vehicle will arrive at the site, then we will start by heating the area via LPG and solar power. Once the asphalt is malleable, we will be able to reuse about 90% of it, adding an additional 10% to make sure the job is done correctly. Afterwards, the asphalt is rolled and compacted, and then we are all done!

Pothole Solutions From Thermal Road Repairs

When comparing the two methods above, it's clear to see which one is the winner. Thermal Road Repairs will get the job done a lot faster, using 100% recycled materials that will create a seamless repair that meets SROH standards.

If you require our services or have any more questions about how we perform tarmac pothole repair, get in touch today.

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