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A right first time asphalt and pothole repair solution
High output. Low emission. Zero waste. Permanent solution

Thermal Road Repairs offers a high output, low emission, zero waste, permanent solution to asphalt defect and pothole repairs.


Unlike other methods, Thermal Road Repairs produces a homogenous repair with a seamless thermal bond, stopping water ingress and failures. Our process is fast, efficient and cost effective and can be used on any asphalt type.

With no cutting, sawing or jackhammering we are not only great for use in built up areas, but we offer low HAVS and noise pollution.

We recycle 100% of material in the pothole or asphalt defect, meaning there is no waste produced or taken from site, with only a minimal amount of asphalt added to replace any that is missing from the area.


And because there is just 1 self-contained vehicle it means we limit any impact on the road and avoid multiple vehicles traveling to and from the site.

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Decarbonising asphalt repairs

Over 85% savings in carbon emissions

Zero waste, 100% in situ recycling, no landfill

Bio Fuel enabled

Solar powered

Low carbon emission leaf in shape of footprint

Get it right first time

Seamless solution, no joints, no failures

Repairs not weather dependent

Fully accredited method of repair (RSTA clause 946)

In fact, the Thermal Road Repairs process can be applied to any situation that has a pothole or asphalt repair defect.

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A permanent solution

That's a faster and more economical repair

And good for the environment

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Advanced road repair technology

A patented British product

Infra red heating system

High output, efficient process

Solar powered

Bio Fuel compatible

Improved health and safety

No cutting, reduced noise

Low vibrations, low HAVS

Ideal for night time repairs and neighbourhoods

Faster repair, less time spent by workers in hazardous areas

Right first time solution

Reduced traffic management

Some of our partners: 

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sunbelt rentals
Asphalt IQ
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