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Choose us for all your road repair needs

Decarbonising asphalt repairs

Over 85% savings in carbon emissions

Zero waste, 100% in situ recycling, no landfill

Bio Fuel enabled

Solar powered

Leaves in shape of footprint

Get it right the first time

Seamless solution, no joints, no failures

Repairs not weather dependent

Fully accredited method of repair (RSTA clause 946)

If you’re in need of road repairs in Crewe or elsewhere in the UK, the team here at Thermal Road Repairs can help. Our road repair contractors are well-equipped to carry out varying degrees of repair work in order to get your road back in great shape.

Tonnes of carbon currently being saved by Thermal Road Repairs


tonnes per week

Make us your go-to road repair team. Please Call Sean Ruttledge: +44 (0)1270 875995 / Aidan Conway: +44 (0)7971 960301

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Advanced road repair technology

A Patented British product

Infra red heating system

High output, efficient process

Solar powered

Bio Fuel compatible

Improved health and safety

No cutting, reduced noise

Low vibrations, low HAVs

Minimum impact to local environment, ideal for night time repairs and neighbourhoods

Faster repair less time spent by workers in hazardous areas

Right first time soloution

Reduced traffic management

Ask about our self-delivery services

+44 (0)1270 875995

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