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Trusted suppliers of high-quality road machinery

Ensure your crews are well-equipped for their road repair projects with road machinery from Thermal Road Repairs. Not only are we experienced in carrying out repairs ourselves, but we also provide others with the road machinery and training required to perform road repairs themselves. From tarmac training to pothole repair machines, we’ve got you covered.

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Let us meet your training and equipment needs

We have a decade’s worth of hands-on experience in fixing potholes and defects of all shapes and sizes, in all weather conditions. That being said, we’re also here to help your crews execute their own pothole solutions and other road repairs, be it through training or simply by providing the necessary road machinery.

Our self-delivery team can supply you with the equipment, training and support that you require to enable your existing staff to start repairing surfaces.

Our road machinery and training services include:

Equipment – we can advise on the machines best suited for the repair work you are completing.

Full turnkey solutions including:

  • Static hotboxes to take advantage of larger asphalt deliveries to feed two or more Thermal trucks

  • Static gas tank and charging facilities to centralise overnight refuelling

Branding – we operate an in-house design department, capable of branding customers' machines in their corporate colours, to extend their professional image.

Training – Thermal Road Repairs' in-house training team can educate your team to operate the equipment in the most efficient manner, and complete basic machinery repairs.

Service – our service team can supply a package to ensure your equipment is working safely and efficiently, and within the law.

Support – our support staff are available to advise on specific repairs, best practice, and other associated issues such as traffic management.

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