The Process

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Our extensive experience within the asphalt, thermal heating and surfacing industries has allowed us to
produce innovative and specialised solutions that are leading the way in which the highways, utilities and
essential services sectors are repairing and maintaining asphalt surfaces.

The unique thermal heat process is achieved using specialised computer equipment that operates efficiently
and economically ensuring carriageways are reformed to a very high standard. Using a combination of
sustainable methods and materials the impact on the environment and network is minimal.

The thermal heat process is a non aggressive action of repair ensuring surrounding areas are not dettrimentally
affected. The repair process does not require the full use of planers, tippers, bitumen sprayers or loaders as
traditional methods would therefore reducing noise pollution. The process produces jointless repairs utilising
80-90% of recycled materials in situ, eliminating landfill waste and lowering Carbon footprint.

Manufactured in the UK

Manufactured in Cheshire and CE marked.

Full Training

Training for use of equipment over 5 modules.

12 Month Guarantee

All equipment is guaranteed for 12 months when purchasing our service plan.

Jointless Repair

Elimination of any formed edge, negating future maintenance issues.

Sustainable Method

Utilise 80% – 90% Recycled Materials.

Cost Effective

Value for money against other existing systems.
Watch the video of our repair process below.

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