Paver Mounted

Thermal Joint Heater

The paver mounted repair heater is attached to the side arm and side plate of any asphalt paver, enabling heating of the cold longitudinal joint to simulate echelon paving.

Produces a seamless, thermally bonded joint that is impenetrable to the weather and other harmful elements.

Best used for longitudinal joints on motorways, air fields and circuits.


– Attaches to any mainstream paver including Volvo, Ingersoll    Rand & Vögele
– Replicates echelon paving
– Two 2000mm x 320mm heater pods
– Total weight 113Kg
– H: 610mm L: 2030mm W: 345mm
– Intelligent control system with START/STOP technology
– GPS location recording (for asset managment records)
– 37 mbar gas pressure, delivering 220Kw of heat energy output
– Steel construction suspended on linear bearings
(allowing heater to move in line with screed arm)
– Traffic light indicator system ensures optimum output between
8 and 10 linear metres per minute
– Manual handling trolley

Manufactured in the UK

Manufactured in Cheshire and CE marked.

Full Training

Training for use of equipment over 5 modules.

12 Month Guarantee

All equipment is guaranteed for 12 months when purchasing our service plan.

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